February 23rd, 2013 marked a day in Kathmandu with an event that was first of its kind in the country. It was Open Data Day celebrated in events such as Hackathon, Mapthon, Editathon etc bringing in various stakeholders of the open data and related subjects together. In the Hackathon we saw 8 teams working hard extracting data, visualizing the data and creating tools and apps using open data. One of the teams included students from Kathmandu Engineering College, Kalimati. This group of second year students from KEC created a visualization of oil price comparison between Nepal and India and they became successful in bagging the first place in the Open Data Day Hackathon. Below is how their visualization looked like.

Deepak Adhikari, Ayush Maharjan, Manisha Panta, Kshitiz Tiwari and Ashmita Mishra also participated in NASA space apps challenge and Open Nepal Hackathon. Participating in these various events seem to have boosted their confidence and after less than 6 months, they have come up with an improvised version of Oil Price Comparison. This version is interactive, more easy to understand and infer. Not only the web application but they have also created mobile apps on various platforms such as Blackberry, windows, android etc. The new application can be viewed at http://apps.opendatanepal.org/hackathon/oil-price-comparison/. Well, this team has set an example of the enthusiastic spirit of open data and what open data can do and what can be done over open data. This must continue and there certainly is higher potential to take this further and wider. We hope that this encourages other teams of the Hackathons also to give a look back to their application and work on them and also other open data enthusiasts to contribute to the Open Data Movement.