Dataset Information
The dataset would contain information on which VDCs have failed the Minimum Conditions of the yearly performance assessments carried out by the Local Bodies Fiscal Commission (LBFC). Data should be availabe on a yearly basis to provide for the possibility to compare development of VDC performance over time. If possible VDC names should be provided in English to allow access to these data for a wider international community.
Who do you think will have this data? 
Data should be available from three sources: 1.) www.lgcdp.gov.np 2.) http://lbfc.gov.np 3.) www.mofald.gov.np
What are you intending to do with the data? 
I am working as a researcher with a German non-profit research institute (German Insitute of Global and Area Studies). I am intending on analyzing determinants of post-war violence in Nepal, focussing on the role government performance and service delivery. I would use the dataset for respective quantitative analyses.
Submitted By
Alexander De Juan