Dataset Titlesort descending Release Date
Disaster data from 1991-2010

The dataset includes the disasters that occurred in Nepal from the year 1971 to the year 1990.The data is obtained from

Disbursement of relief material in earthquake affected districts

The dataset contains districtwise account of damage caused by the earthquake including number of casualties and destroyed properties. It was recorded by Nepal Disaster Risk Reduction Portal. 

District and VDC codes of Nepal

The list of districts and their corresponding VDC or municipality codes are present in the file.

District Coverage of Water Supply and Sanitation (2011)

The data set consists of district wise coverage of water supply and sanitation for 2011. The data is extracted from SACOSAN-IV Country Paper-Nepal 2011 from Department of Water Supply and Sewerage.

District wise Budget Expenditure Status for the year 2070/71 Mangsir

This dataset inlcudes the budget expenditure status of all the districts for the month of Mangsir. The data is updated monthly. The data is extracted from

District wise Communicable and Immunizable diseases, (2008/09 A.D - 2012/13 A.D)

Community Based Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (CB‐IMCI) Program is an integrated package of child‐survival interventions and addresses major childhood killer diseases like Pneumonia, Diarrhoea, Malaria, Measles and Malnutrition in 2 months to 5 years children in a holistic way.

District wise Human Development Index (2011)

The dataset includes district wise Human Developement Index for 2011.

District wise Land Use Pattern, 2001

The dataset consits of district wise land use pattern such as total forest area, shrub, agriculture land/grass, water bodies, barren land, snow and others. The data is extracted from Environmet Statistics, 2013.

District wise Per Capita Gross National Income ( 2014)

The data set consists of district wise per capita gross national income for 2014.

District wise Population Annual Growth Rate (%), 2011

The dataset consists of district wise annual growth rate(%) for 2011.

District wise Population Land Ratio and Population Density (2011)

The dataset consists of district wise geographical area, holding number, holding area, household number, population, population land ratio and poulation density for 2011. The data is extracted from Environment Statistics of Nepal, 2013.

District wise Poverty Indicators, 2011

This dataset contains distict wise poverty indicators such as number of poor, percent of poor, poverty gap and severity of poverty for 2011.

District wise Sex Ratio (male per 100 female ), 2011

The datasets includes district wise sex ratio (male per 100 female) for 2011. The data is extracted from Environmental Statistics, 2013.

District wise vaccinated number of children and women (2009-10 to 2013-14)

National Immunization program is government high priority programme, government have targeted to control vaccine preventable disease.

Drop out Rate of vaccine (2009-10 to 2012-13)

This dataset contain drop out rate of vaccine like BCG Vs Measles,DPT1 Vs DPT3 and Polio1 Vs Polio3. This datset was extracted from Annual Report which was published by Department of Health Services.

Ear,Nose,Throat and oral related problems (2008-09 to 2013-14)

This datset contains number of patients who are affected by ENT and oral related problems.It was extracted from Annual Report published by Department of Health Services.

Earthquake by Epicentre and Magnitude, 2008-2012

The dataset consitsts of date wise earthquake by epicenter,  magnitude, latitude and longitude for 2008 to 2013. The data is exracted from Environment Statistics,2013.

Education Level wise Net Enrolment Rate (2012-13)

The dataset includes education level wise net enrolment rate such as primary(1-5), lower secondary (6-8), basic (1-8), secondary (6-8), higher secondary (9-10) and secondary levels(9-12).

Enrollment of students from primary to higher secondary level, in Dailekh, 2064-69

The dataset lists the year wise number of enrolment of students in grades from primary to higher secondary level including division in gender and ethnicity. The data was extracted from the Department of Education, Flash Report.  

Estimated annual AIDS Death (2000 to 2015)

"The estimated number of annual AIDS Death has been projected by National Centre for AIDS and STD Control (NCASC). Nepal has been producing country HIV estimates since 2003. These are updated every two years.