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Annual Rainfall by station (2001-2012)

This dataset contains Nepal's station wise rainfall for 2001 to 2012. The data sets is extracted from Environmental Statistics, 2013. 

Annual Growth Rate of GDP by Economic Activities from 2003/04 to 2012/13

This file includes Annual Growth Rate of GDP by their Economic Activities like Ag riculture, Fishing, Forestry etc which was extracted from ecosurvey 2012/13 published by Ministry of Finance.

Annual Growth Rate of GDP by Economic Activities at constant price

This dataset consists of annual growth rate of GDP by economic activities of Nepal. The values are in percentage.

Analyzed data related to Nutrition: Percent of pregnant women receiving iron tabs, postpartum women receiving vitamin A , iron compliance (2011-14)

This dataset contains analyzed data about percentage of women receiving anthelmintic, iron tabs, vitamins etc. It was extracted from Annual Report published by Department of health services. 

Analyzed data of morbidity: Number of out patient department visit for communicable, Immunizable, Vector, infected diseases (2011-14)

This dataset contains analyzed data of people visiting out-patient department for various reasons like communicable, immunizable, vector, infectious diseases. It was extracted from Annual report published by Department of health services.

AMP Data with location for mapping

This dataset is extracted from AMP CSV file and de-normalized to include location data in separate rows for mapping.

AMP aid data as of Apr 17 2014

This dataset contains of 906 foreign aid projects. The dataset is available for download at AMP (Aid Management Platform) maintained at Ministry of Finance Nepal.

Allocation of Relief Material in earthquake affected districts

This datasets contain list of all food and non food items which are allocated and sent as relief material to affected districts due to earthquake. It was recorded by Nepal Disaster Risk Reduction Portal. 

Allocated budget and expenditure on the water and sanitation program,2070/71

This file include expenditure on water and sanitation program allocated by ministry of urban development, published as trimester report , 2070/71
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Air Quality Data Sheet Monitoring Parameter:PM10 Month/Year:Falgun 2070 (13th Feb 2014 -14 Mar 2014)

The data sets includes head number, filter number and PM10(µg/m3) of Pultisadak, Macche Gaun and Bhaktapur respectively. Here the primary parameter of air pollution is PM10. The data is extracted from Environmental Statistics,2013.

"No of people migrating outside country for foreign employment, sex wise distribution from 2063 to 2069 "

This file include the number of people migrating outside the country for foreign employment. The no of male and female migrating outside as per the country is tabulated. This information was extracted from annual report 2069 published by Ministry of Labor and Employment.