Dataset Titlesort ascending Release Date
Morbidity caused by gynecological problems(2009-10 to 2013-014)

This dataset contains morbidity caused by gynecological problems like Prolapsed uterus, Pelvic Inflamatory Disease (PID),Leukerrhoea (Veginal discharge syndrom,Menstrual disorder,Disfunctional uterine bleeding,Breast lumps / Breast Abscess,Mastitis (Ingorged breast) etc.

Morbidity caused by eye problems (2009-10 to 2013-14)

This dataset contains number of people who are affected by Eye problems like Conjuntivitis,Trachoma,Cataract,Blindness. This datset was extracted from Annual Report published by Departent of health.

Morbidity caused by communicable and water borne disease (2011-12 to 2013-14)

This dataset contain number of patient caused by communicable and water borne disease. This file was extracted from Annual Report  which was published by Department of Health Services. 

Ministry Wise foreign grants and loans, 2014/15

This dataset includes ministry wise  foreign grants and loans, categorized by their functionality and services.The dataset was extracted from Red Book  published by Ministry of finance. 

Migrant remittance outflow from Nepal 2012

This data includes migrant remittance outflows (US$ million) from 1993 to 2012. In which, migrant remittance outflow is estimated by worker's remittance, compensation of employee and migrant transfer credit (US$ million).

Migrant remittance inflow in Nepal 2012

This data includes migrant remittance inflow  trend from 1993 to 2013 in Nepal.

MDG goals progress (2010, 2013) and target (2015)

This file includes progress of all Millennium Development Goals and their target for 2015.This file was extracted from Ecosurvey 2012 AD, published by Ministry of Finance.

Married population aged 10 years and above by age at first marriage (2011-12)

This dataset contains married population aged above 10 years and above by age at first marriage.

Manufacturing Companies (2006/07,2011/12)

This dataset contains detail information about all the companies according to their districts and types. It includes two year data which was done by central bureau of statistics on 2006/07 and 2011/12.

Magnitude of earthquake and its aftershock, as of June 2, 2015

This data-set contains magnitude, latitude, longitude and time of the earthquake experienced in different parts of Nepal from 24th April to 2nd June.

Lower Secondary Girls and Boys Enrolment Number (2012/13)

The dataset includes lower secondary girls and boys enrolment number for 2012/12. T

Literacy rate status by age group 15 - 24 (2013)

This data set includes literacy rate status by age group 15-24  by literate population and total population for 2013. The data is extracted from Literacy Status Report 2013 submitted to UNESCO Kathmandu .

List of Winning Candidates, Constituent Assembly Election 2064

This dataset consists of the list of candidates details who were elected in the Constituent Assembly Election in the year 2064 BS.

List of NGOs and their activities (Supported by different donor agencies)

This dataset contains list of all organizations which are registered on social welfare council. The NGO are listed as per their activities, sector, budget and address which was published by social welfare council on 2070/71 B.S. 

Labour Productivity (2014)

The data set includes labour productivity, economic active population and GDP(Value Added) Rs in million by districts for 2014.

International Trade ,2060/61 - 2069/70

The dataset presents the amount (in billions) of international trade, divided into export and import, done during the period of 2060/61-2069/70. The data was extracted from Department of Commerce and Supply Management (DoCSM) Nepal. 

Intermediate consumption by intermediate division at current prices

This dataset consists of intermediate consumption by intermediate divisions of Nepal. The values are in million Nepalese Rupees.

INGOs Working in Nepal

The dataset consists of the the INGOs operating in Nepal. The data is from Social Welfare Council in Nepal. All the listed INGOs are members of SWC as of Baisakh 2070.

Inflation, consumer prices (annual %)

This dataset consists of the inflation rate for Nepal from the year 1965 till 2012.

Infectious disease patients (2008-09 to 2012-13)

This dataset contains infectous diseases like ARI /Lower respiratory tract infection, Upper respiratory Tract infection, Pneumonia,Server Pneumonia, Asthma,Urinary Tract infection, Viral Influenza, Reproductive Tract Infection male, Reproductive tract infection female.