Dataset Title Release Date
Sale of petroleum product[ in KL expect LPG],2000-2013 AD

This file includes sale of petroleum product published by Nepal Oil Cooperation. This data was compliled from 2000 - 2014 A.D.

Import of Petroleum Products [in KL except LPG],2000-2013 AD

This file includes import of petroleum product in kilolitre by Nepal oil cooperation.

Total Energy Available and Peak Demand (FY 2012/2013)

This dataset includes the peak demand, NEA hydro generation, NEA thermal generation, NEA general total, power purchase from India, power purchase from IPP's and available energy in all areas covered by integrated system including supply to India. In which , * is used to denote Provisional.

Petroleum products prices,(2004-2014)

This dataset was used in Open Data Day Hackathon to create an app. The dataset includes prices of petrol, disel and kerosene in Nepal and in India since 2004 to 2014.