Dataset Title Release Date
Development program and budget allocation in the district FY 207071

This dataset contains the detail plan of Government of Nepal which includes programs and budget allocation for different districts. This dataset was extracted from budget allocation programs in different districts published by National planning of commision.

Number of crimes (2068-71 B.S)

This dataset contains overall types of crime that has been reported on Metropolitan Police Commissioner's Office .The dataset covers three districts i.e Kathmandu, lalitpur and Bhaktapur. It is in Nepali langauge which covers data from 2068 to 2071 BS.

Strikes done by Action Initiators

This dataset contains strikes done by action initiators like political parties, rebellion group, student unions, local communities, transport unions,ethnic and allinance group, struggle communities etc. It contains data from 2008 to 2013 AD.

Number of hospital bed capacity in development region,2013

The dataset shows the number of hospitals in each development region with any given hospital bed capacity i.e. <15 beds, 15-50 beds, 51-100 beds, >100 beds. The data was extracted from the data by the Central Bureau of Statistics in 2013.  

Number of hospitals in Nepal,2013

The dataset consists of the number of public and private hospitals in every development region based on the data extracted from the data published by the Central Bureau of Statistics in 2013. 

Total Strategic Road Network (SRN) Length,Influenced Population of District in Nepal, 2011

The dataset contains type of road, population influenced per km road and road density. The data is extracted from Environmental Statistics, 2013.

District wise Human Development Index (2011)

The dataset includes district wise Human Developement Index for 2011.

Number of Vehicle Registration in Bagmati Zone, 2000-2014

This dataset consists number of vehicle registered in Bagmati zone from 2000- 2014. The 2014 data contain only vehicle registered up to four month and this data was extracted from fact and statistics published by Department of transportation.

Causes of Road Accidents (2013)

The data sets includes traffic accident records such as negligence by driver, negligence by pedestrian, overtaking, high speed, drinking and driving, technical fault of vehicle, overload, cattle on the road and miscellaneous.

Road Traffic Accident Records (2013)

The data set includes national statistical trend in road accidents such as accidents, fatalities, serious injuries, slight injuries, injury fatal ratio and fatality per ten thousand vehicle. The data is extracted from Status Paper in Road Sector in Nepal 2013 by Departments of Roads.

Total Number of Registered Vehicle (2013)

The data set includes total number of different types of vehicle registered from 2001 to 2013. The data is extracted from Status Paper on Road Safety in Nepal by Department of Roads.

MDG goals progress (2010, 2013) and target (2015)

This file includes progress of all Millennium Development Goals and their target for 2015.This file was extracted from Ecosurvey 2012 AD, published by Ministry of Finance.

New and supplemental projects of World Bank in Nepal

The dataset consists of the new and supplemental projects of world bank