District Details

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Central Development Region
27° 46' 42.24" N
86° 10' 30.72" E
186,557 (2011)
2,191.00 sq. km.
Dataset Title Release Date
Population by second language, sex and age groups (2011-12) - Dolakha

This dataset contains population by second language, sex and age groups.

Disbursement of relief material in earthquake affected districts - Dolakha

The dataset contains districtwise account of damage caused by the earthquake including number of casualties and destroyed properties. It was recorded by Nepal Disaster Risk Reduction Portal. 

Allocation of Relief Material in earthquake affected districts - Dolakha

This datasets contain list of all food and non food items which are allocated and sent as relief material to affected districts due to earthquake. It was recorded by Nepal Disaster Risk Reduction Portal. 

Causalities caused by earthquake,2015 - Dolakha

This dataset contains causualities such as death,injury,displaced population and other damages caused by earthquake,2015. This dataset was extracted from Nepal Disaster Risk Reduction portal.

Manufacturing Companies (2006/07,2011/12) - Dolakha

This dataset contains detail information about all the companies according to their districts and types. It includes two year data which was done by central bureau of statistics on 2006/07 and 2011/12.

Development program and budget allocation in the district FY 207071 - Dolakha

This dataset contains the detail plan of Government of Nepal which includes programs and budget allocation for different districts. This dataset was extracted from budget allocation programs in different districts published by National planning of commision.

Number of Strike days - Dolakha

This dataset contains number of strikes that had happened in Nepal. It contains data from 2008 to 2013 which was sourced from  United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS), Nepal Office and  published as The Economic Cost of General Strikes in Nepal by Nepal Rastra Bank. 

District wise Poverty Indicators, 2011 - Dolakha

This dataset contains distict wise poverty indicators such as number of poor, percent of poor, poverty gap and severity of poverty for 2011.

District wise Land Use Pattern, 2001 - Dolakha

The dataset consits of district wise land use pattern such as total forest area, shrub, agriculture land/grass, water bodies, barren land, snow and others. The data is extracted from Environmet Statistics, 2013.

District wise Poverty Incidence (2011) - Dolakha

The dataset consists of district wise poverty incidence i.e, number of poor household having income below than national poverty line(25.2). The data is extracted from Nepal Small Area Estimationn of Poverty,2011.