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Western Development Region
27° 56' 40.92" N
84° 13' 40.44" E
323,288 (2011)
1,546.00 sq. km.
Dataset Title Release Date
Literacy rate status by age group 15 - 24 (2013) - Tanahu

This data set includes literacy rate status by age group 15-24  by literate population and total population for 2013. The data is extracted from Literacy Status Report 2013 submitted to UNESCO Kathmandu .

Labour Productivity (2014) - Tanahu

The data set includes labour productivity, economic active population and GDP(Value Added) Rs in million by districts for 2014.

Human Poverty Index Value by Districts (2011) - Tanahu

The data set consists of human poverty index value  with varaiables such as percentage of people not expected to survive to age 40, adult illiteracy rate, percentage without safe water, percentage of children under age five who are malnourished and deprivation in economic provisioning by distict

Number of Students Enrolled in Grade 1 to 5 (2012/13) - Tanahu

The dataset includes number of students enrolled in grade 1 to 5 for 2012/13. T

Higher Secondary Level Girls and Boys Enrolment (2012/13) - Tanahu

The dataset includes higher seconday girls and boys enrolment for 2012/13.T

Lower Secondary Girls and Boys Enrolment Number (2012/13) - Tanahu

The dataset includes lower secondary girls and boys enrolment number for 2012/12. T

Number of Return Nepalese by sex and district,2011-2013 - Tanahu

This file contains the data related to immigration of Nepalese people arrival by sex and district of 2011 to 2013. This information was extracted from Nepal Tourism Statistics  published by Ministry of culture, tourism and civil aviation.

Secondary level Girls and Boys Enrolment Number (2012/13) - Tanahu

The dataset comprises of secondary level girls and boys enrolment number for 2012/13. The data is extracted from Flash I Report (2069) 2012-13 published by Department of Education.

Nepalese going aboard by sex and district,2011-2012 2014-05-23
Primary Level Girls and Boys Enrolment (2012-2013) - Tanahu

This dataset includes primary level girls and boys enrollment number.