District Details

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Western Development Region
27° 56' 40.92" N
84° 13' 40.44" E
323,288 (2011)
1,546.00 sq. km.
Dataset Title Release Date
Constituency List for CA Election 2070 - Tanahu

This dataset includes list of constituency for each district for the CA Election 2070.

CA Election 2070 Election Officers - Tanahu

This dataset includes the election officers for the constituency for CA Election 2070. The data is as published by Election Commision in its website..

CA Election 2070 FPTP Candidates - Tanahu

This dataset includes FPTP candidates for CA Election 2070. The data is from http://www.election.gov.np/EN/ecn_report/districtWise.php.

CA Election 2064 FPTP Candidates - Tanahu

This dataset includes data of candidate of CA Election 2064. The source of this data is http://www.election.gov.np/reports/CAResults/reportBody.php.

List of Winning Candidates, Constituent Assembly Election 2064 - Tanahu

This dataset consists of the list of candidates details who were elected in the Constituent Assembly Election in the year 2064 BS.

Number of voters in each districts between year 2047 to 2063 (B.S.) - Tanahu

This dataset consists of the number of voters for each district from the year 2047 BS to 2063 BS. The primary source of data is http://www.election.gov.np/EN/voterinfo/compvoters.php

Immunization Data - Measles Rubella Campaign 2012 Phase II - Tanahu

The file consists of the immunization data of Measles Rubella campaign conduced by Child Health Division and supported by UNICEF. The data were sent from various VDCs across Nepal and collected in a central database.

District and VDC codes of Nepal - Tanahu

The list of districts and their corresponding VDC or municipality codes are present in the file.

Population aged 5 years and above by literacy status - Tanahu

This data set includes district wise data on literacy status in Nepal. The data is for the population aged 5 years and above. The data set is from the national report,

National Population and Household Census 2011 Vdc/Municipality Level - Tanahu

This file includes household number and total population of Nepal based on gender as of the year 2011 for each vdc/municipality