"Life is Precious, you might save one by donating blood."
Blood+ is a web application which visualizes blood donors ratio and blood groups within Nepal. The application uses the data from the blood donor's community This app won the prize of First Runner Up in the Open Nepal Hackathon.

Geo Nepal

This app lists the vdcs/municipalities of a district along with their codes. It displays the number of VDCs/municipalities that are there in the district. In the map, the district can be clicked to see the details or else any text can be searched in the search region to see the details.

Nip Visualisation

The app shows Measles Rubella campaign immunization data in graphical format. The data is available for Phase I and Phase II. Data for Phase III will soon be available. Immunization data is displayed in a district level. Data can also be seen development region wise and can be sorted by clicking on the table headers.

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